Africa in the Lounge: Lakuta
Friday 11th June 2021
Live Stream Starts at 8pm

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Africa in the Lounge is back for a fourth series kicking off with Lakuta - a musical collective
that formed in Brighton but which is a true global act.

Founded by vocalist-percussionist Cicely Taylor and fronted by vocalist Siggi Mwasote,
Lakuta’s members heritage includes Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Malaysia, Spain and the UK.
The result is a highly danceable mix of Afrobeat, funk, Latino and tropical grooves, blending
traditional instruments to create a hard-hitting sound.

Their 2016 album Brothers and Sisters released on Tru Thoughts received widespread
acclaim and radio airplay. Now experience them performing live in this exclusive livestream.

Africa in the Lounge: Seckou Keita
Saturday 12th June 2021
Live Stream Starts at 8pm

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An exclusive acoustic solo set from the exceptional and charismatic Seckou Keita, arguably the most influential kora player of his generation.

Seckou gives us the kora in its purest guise, a wondrous instrument that can take the human
spirit to a place of deep meditation, stillness and beauty.

Performing songs from his latest album 22 Strings, Seckou explores what it means to be a modern global citizen, and yet to live with seven centuries of tradition and heritage
expressed through music.

Africa in the Lounge: Afriquoi
Friday 18th June 2021
Live Stream Starts at 8pm

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An underground sensation, Afriquoi brings an uplifting fusion of African music and live
electronics. Afriquoi is a UK afro supergroup, with every musician a band leader in their own right.

Combining Gambian kora, Congolese guitar and Mandinka percussion styles with electronic music, house, soca, hip-hop, soul and jungle, this five-piece creates dancefloor-friendly music for a new generation of world music fans with one foot in the clubs.


Saturday 3rd July 2021

Ropetackle Starts at 8pm

African Night Fever brings another night of sunshine for the summer, where spiced up East African Traditional Music meets Modern Africa

Following on from his acclaimed streamed performance at Africa in the Lounge, we welcome the return of one of the local icons of African music, Saidi Kanda.

Hailing from Tanzania and learning his craft from his Grand Father, Kanda grew up to become one of the most talented multi-instrumentalists of African Traditional Music.


His sweet melodic voice is accompanied with a mesmerising charismatic stage presence and a feel-good factor through the energy of his performance.