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Family Day Take Part
Saturday 11th November 2023
Brighton Dome & Brighton Museum

Starts 11:00am - 5PM

A day dedicated to celebrating multi-cultural arts and heritage - expect dance, drumming, delicious food, singing, arts and crafts, creative workshops, live performances, film, stories and talks. Everyone is welcome.

Brought to you by African Night Fever and Brighton & Hove Black History. In partnership with Believe in Me CIC and Writing Our Legacy



  • Three activity tables of Arts & Crafts

  • Head wrapping in fabulous fabrics

  • Hair Braiding demo by Khaddy Jammeh

  • Face painting and henna tattoos


Performances by:

  • Drumheads Samba

  • Seeds of the Atlantic Slave Trade

  • Dunia Flamenco

  • Vocal Patchwork Choir

  • 'Meet the Chagossians'

  • West African Masquerade Dancers

  • Mbira Vibes

  • King Tafari Love Soundsystem



  • Djembe Drumming

  • JP Omari’s Funk Fit

  • Banyan Tree’s Afrobeat dance class

  • Body Percussion by Liz Ikamba

  • Bharatanatyam dance class and performance

  • Traditional Palestinian embroidery class

  • Uplifting group singing with Banyan Tree’s Real I Sing

  • Central African Ndombolo dance

  • Creative writing by Writing Our Legacy


Talks & Film:

  • The Shining Lights of Service: In Conversation with artist Chila Kumari Singh Burman MBE

  • Brighton, India and the First World War: In Conversation with Dr Kiran Sahota, from Believe in Me CIC

  • Seeds of the Atlantic Slave Trade: by Black History historians Suchi Chatterjee and Bert Williams MBE


African Night Fever: Onipa
Saturday 25th November 2023
Ropetackle Arts Centre

Starts 8:00pm (Doors 7:30pm)

Explosive Afro-futurist collective Onipa and their high-octane live show, fronted by singer and percussionist K.O.G, celebrating new album ‘Off The Grid’.

Off the Grid is a journey that joins the origin story of dance rhythms from Africa to electronic dance music of today’s clubs and festivals, connecting African folklore and storytelling to rap, jazz, and hip hop.


Kanda Bongo Man and Kasai Masai
Wednesday 13th December 2023
The Stables

Starts 8:00pm (Doors 7:30pm)

Kanda Bongo Man is one of the biggest stars in world music and one of the leading exponents of Africa, Kanda revolutionised the Congolese favourite music of soukous after parting with Orchestra Belle Mambo to take up a solo career in Paris in 1979.He is most famous for his structural changes he implemented to soukous music with mesmerizing guitar solos that gave birth to the famous” KWASA KWASA” DANCE


African Night Fever: Yamäya + Lakuta
Saturday 16th December 2023
Brighton Dome

Starts 8:00PM (Doors 7:30pm)

An exclusive live music extravaganza with a double bill of two of Brighton’s favourite African Influenced Bands Lakuta and Yamaya.

Founded by vocalist-percussionist Cicely Taylor and fronted by vocalist Siggi Mwasote, Lakuta’s members' heritage includes Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Malaysia, Spain and the UK. The result is a highly danceable mix of Afrobeat, funk, Latino and tropical grooves, blending traditional instruments to create a hard-hitting sound.


Gambian master percussionist, and lead vocalist brings audiences an electrifying blend of Afro Manding fusion. Tantalizing traditional West African rhythms stem from the deep roots of vibrant life and cultures of the smiling coast of Africa. Musa & Xam Xam ‘s music combines infectious grooves, melodic charm, lush vocals, and funky rhythms, blending Afro-Manding and Afro-Jazz into an irresistible urban intensity.

Musa has earned himself a reputation of a true entertainer and a master of the art through his creativity and innovative approach to the new style of West African Music. Learning his craft with the watchful eyes of The Gambian pioneers of Afro- Manding music Ifang Bondi Band rising to make a name for himself with his unique style and approach to making the dance floor rock.

Musa Mboob & Xam Xam
Friday 23rd February 2024
The Brunsiwck

Starts 7:30pm

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